All Roads Home

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 I took this book on vacation and devoured it! I was pulled into the Outpost stories and left wanting more. I am still thinking about the characters a month later! You will do more wont you? Enjoyed all the stories and poems. - Avid Reader L.P.

5 out of 5 stars

 Wonderful writing! She sets the scenes and moods without skipping a beat. So smoothly written the pages turn by themselves. Original stories and ideas. Her poems, I loved! Very emotionally charged and powerful. I cannot wait for next work of art!! - Avid Reader D.C.

 5 out of 5 stars 

 This collection of short stories, poems, and plays by Debut author, Lisa Diaz Meyer, is broken into several sections. The first, and longest, is "The Outposts," a novella-like saga that she plans to continue in forthcoming books and that I enjoyed the most. It's set in a future world where healthy, childbearing women are in demand due to an outbreak of Cancers in females. As one of these minority women, Georgia's parents have disguised her as a boy named George. What happens to George/Georgia when she and two male friends escape their beta outpost is the beginning of a tale of horror as well as one of courage and love. The other writings in the collection are also well rendered and thought-provoking. For instance, in the "Fragments section" of plays,there's a macabre dinner party where Jesus dines with Hitler. I look forward to Ms. Meyer's next book. - Avid Reader & Writer D.D.

 5 out of 5 stars 


I really enjoy reading All Roads Home. It is really well written and full of great stories! Highly recommend! I look forward to reading more from Lisa Diaz Meyer. - Avid Reader C.

 5 out of 5 stars 

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Readers Favorite Review

 All Roads Home: A Collection of Short Stories by Lisa Diaz Meyer is the first book in the author's All Roads trilogy, followed by All Roads Destined and All Roads Shattered. This anthology begins with the onset of Meyer's wildly popular and highly rated saga, The Outposts, a story that spans over the course of all three of her compilation books. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Georgia - who has been raised in secrecy as a boy with the name George - is one of the few women left able to bear children. She makes a daring escape, only to find that while life outside her outpost allows for freedom (and love), the issues that arise can be equally gruesome to the horrors she left behind. All Roads Home also features the first flush of Meyer's delightfully dark poetry and play-writing.

In the interests of full disclosure, I feel the need to point out that I read this trilogy backwards. This was unintentional, but in my opinion it lends greater credence to the author's skill that The Outposts, in particular, can be read in any order without losing your way in the story. It's evident that Meyer has experienced genuine growth in her work as the books get better with each release (and given this is the intro, that says quite a lot about her talent). The Outposts might be the star here, but I'm of the opinion that, first and foremost, Meyer is a poet...and an exceptional one at that. I can't recommend this trilogy highly enough, and All Roads Home kicks it off with a sensational launch.  - Reviewed by J.M.

 5 out of 5 stars  

Goodreads Review

 It takes me a long time to read simply due to time constraints... but this book kept me engaged from the beginning. Loving the darker side of things and being an avid King fan - this book never failed to keep me wanting more. I don't want to spoil the stories... but the imagery was wonderful, the characters rich and the poems beautifully spun. Regardless of if this was Ms. Meyer's 1st or 20th book - she truly has a way with words (IMHO rivaling King himself). I am excited for what she publishes next. - Avid Reader K.A.

 5 out of 5 stars 

Literary Titan Review


All Roads Home by Lisa Diaz Meyer is a fictional short story collection. Covering several genres, the book is divided into six parts titled The Outposts, The Enduring, The Oddities, The Particulars, The Fragments and The Play Versions. With each section and story being utterly unique, this book really is a mixed bag of offerings. Nowhere is this more obvious than, besides the four sections of short stories all varying greatly in their genre, the collection also consists of a part of poetry and The Play Versions which really are that: five of the stories in the collection written in play format!

The first section of the collection deals with a world that is hard hitting. In the story titled The Safe Room, this links back to the previous short story in its representation of women, cancer, and childbearing. With such stark descriptive passages of the cloning and curing process detailed, this section hits upon the more awkward of subjects that aren’t always spoke about comfortably.

Dealing with religion verse science, this section may be quite an eye-opener, considering its placing at the very start of the collection, but its subject matter does indeed turn the tables making you question just who, if anybody, has such a right at this stage.

The Enduring section starts off with a story which is most certainly that – enduring for its characters. What begins as a heartfelt story of a mother’s struggles quickly turns itself on its head when the story ends. However, nothing physical has changed, her situation remains dire, but she has found peace in her heart and mind and can now approach her situation from a more positive perspective. This story emphasizes Lisa’s ability to change tact and emotion in just a few short pages and sums up the book in its entirety.

All of Lisa’s characters, though only with the reader briefly, are very easy at catching our attention and therefore it’s easy to recognize their plight and see the story from their point of view. That Lisa can create such emotions in her readers through characters that appear fleetingly is a wonderful achievement.

For me, The Enduring was a favorite section. Packed full of emotions, there is one story where the action begins, plays out and ends in a matter of just two short pages! If you’re not too sure whether this selection of stories is for you, I urge you to read The Christmas Break first. Immediately this highlights Lisa’s fluidity in prose as well as her ability to create a fascinating collection of characters, and all within a few short sentences.

With superb powers of observation, a beautiful and haunting writing style on many of the pages, alongside an ability to push topic boundaries (Hitler and Jesus at a dinner party, need I say more!) this is truly a collection you must read for yourself.

If Lisa is this good at creating such an enthralling collection of short stories, I can only imagine what she would be like with a full-length fictional novel!

5 out of 5 Stars

All Roads Destined

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 As engaging as it is imaginative! Looking forward to future works from this new author - Avid Reader

5 out of 5 stars

 Second book by an excellent new author. Outpost story continues from the first book and continues to amaze. - Avid Reader

5 out of 5 stars

 Awesome follow up to All Roads Home. Outpost stories are great as well as short stories and poems. Looking forward to the next book. - Avid Reader D.D.

5 out of 5 stars


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Readers Favorite Review

 All Roads Destined: A Collection of Dark Fiction and Poems by Lisa Diaz Meyer is the second book in Meyer's All Roads trilogy, arriving on the heels of the highly-rated first book, All Roads Home. The anthology begins with the second installment of the author's remarkable Outposts saga, followed by a collection of independent short stories and fifteen poems. The Outposts II carries on the story of Zaxton Mitchell and George/Georgia - with a greatly anticipated wedding - in the post-apocalyptic drama, taking a comfortable and perfectly executed turn into the realm of science fiction. Meyer's short stories include gems such as Friendship 59, which reads like a futuristic Siren tale, and poetry with prose that both sings and shatters the heart, such as The Climb.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that All Roads Destined by Lisa Diaz Meyer is gripping in a way that watching a tragedy unfold might be. Aristotle once told us that the aim of tragedy is to bring about a catharsis, and Meyer certainly forces a reader to dig deeper in the most unforgiving, morbidly cleansing way. Her short stories rarely have a happy ending, something of a reflection on the realities of our human experience she is able to tap into with little in the form of beings that are actually human. Her work might be dusky and dark (or macabre and funereal, as she unapologetically describes it) but the quality of Meyer's writing makes it not just palatable, but enjoyable too. For those waiting to see how The Outposts series unfolds, they won't have to, as All Roads Shattered, the saga's finale, is already available. - Reviewed by J.M.

5 out of 5 stars

Goodreads Reviews

 Fantastic follow up to All Roads Home. The Outposts stories continue to amaze me. I couldn't put the book down. The poems and short stories are exciting and I can't wait to see what she has in store for her readers next.  - Avid Reader A.L.

5 out of 5 stars

 Excellent continuation of The Outposts stories. More intriguing with every turn of the page. These stories could be easily be adapted into a movie or miniseries. The short stories and poems continue to be original with a lot of content. Can't wait to see what the author has in store for us next.  - Avid Reader D.

5 out of 5 stars

Literary Titan Review


All Roads Destined by Lisa Diaz Meyer is the second book in the All Roads Trilogy. Consisting of a collection of dark fiction stories and poems, the book is divided into sections including one story in four parts, four shorter stories and a selection of poems to finish off with. I would strongly recommend reading Lisa’s first collection, All Roads Home, as the four-part story in this collection continues from a story in the first book, charting the characters activities since we last read about them in book one.

Slightly different than the format of her first collection, All Roads Destined leads with a prologue and then three parts of one short story, alternating in each chapter with Mitchell, Gerard, and Georgia.

The Building, The Alpha Post, The People’s Government and Notas Territory are all chapters of a story which cleverly links back to the first book and includes the character of Georgia, whom we discovered was being held as the subject of scientist’s aim for cancer immune females.

Previously, Georgia finally escaped the people who were working on her as an experiment and now has her baby Sylvie with her as well as her partner Mitchell, equaling her own little family. However, there’s still a way to go and escaping her captor’s clutches was only the first part of this journey.

Immediately dark at the first-page of the prologue, with a superbly built up tension permeating the very start of this book, we begin with Georgia once again, though we know very little about the mass confusion that is happening at this moment in time.

The flip between narratives in this story is an excellent way at holding your interest long enough and succeeds at explaining a little about the primary doctor, Dr. Gerard, who worked on Georgia for many years. This is one short story which is experimental in structure, but fascinating to read!

The middle section of the collection is titled The Enduring, and it is here where perhaps my favorite story of the book is, called The Crone. So simplistic in its action but so stylish in its deliverance, this is the story that highlights how easy it is to conjure up any one of Lisa’s characters instantly. However, here the prose also excels. With Harret and the returned Berkstadt left to live out their remaining time together in their beautiful kingdom, this was a thoroughly satisfying and complete short story.

Finally, Lisa has included a selection of poems in the section titled The Fragments. Personally, I found these poems more satisfying than those in the first collection.

I enjoyed the poetry section even more as I’m very selective about poems and won’t automatically reach for a book of poetry when purchasing my preferred books. So, to have it included in a collection such as this encourages you to read it, seeing as you’ve read the stories, and its addition opens your eyes to something new and different.

Ultimately, The Fragments serves as an entirely satisfactory ending to yet again, a beautiful collection.

5 out of 5 Stars

All Roads Shattered

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 The stories are dark, clever, addictive, and very well written. I will have to read the other books in the series. I really enjoyed this book  - Avid Reader J.B.

5 out of 5 stars

 What a great continuation to the All roads collection - Avid Reader R.M.

5 out of 5 stars

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Readers Favorite Review

 All Roads Shattered: A Collection of Dark Fiction Short Stories and Poems by Lisa Diaz Meyer is the third installment of the author's All Roads series, an anthology of work that includes The Outposts III, a continuation of Meyer's popular saga, The Outposts, from book one, All Roads Home, and book two, All Roads Destined. The anthology also offers a second saga, People of Gods, five additional independent short stories and a collection of twelve poems. The work is, in true Meyer fashion, ominous, morbid, and brilliantly fleshed out (especially in her short story The Preacher, where this becomes something of a double entendre).

I have personally become an instant fan of Lisa Diaz Meyer, hooked from the first paragraph of The Outposts III saga, which can be read on its own but became far more enjoyable after dipping back into the first two installments. The other short stories pack a huge punch for their size, not an easy feat when elements of world building are also required. Her poetry is equally intriguing. My favorite is The Collection with lines that dance in tune with devilish, lyrical depictions: "A small rib cage floats in a jar, half a skull, a demon's head, a portrait - of a killer, no less - reminds us to keep wary of who our neighbors really are." I highly recommend All Roads Shattered by Lisa Diaz Meyer to any reader who is looking to escape into stories and poetry that are a bit sinister, dished out in bite-sized pieces that still fill the darkest corners of the mind. Reviewed by J.M. 

5 out of 5 stars

Elaine Donadio Writes Review

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A Modern Day Edgar Allan Poe?

I’m back to writing book reviews after a hiatus devoted to promoting my work with great success. I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Diaz Meyer and purchased her book All Roads Shattered. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect having been told this book is a combination of dark fiction short stories, multi-genre science fiction, and poems.

What a pleasant surprise! I read the book in less than two days and could not put it down. The book, which has won a 5 Star Readers Favorite Award from New Apple Literary, is divided into parts: two sagas “Outposts III” and “People of Gods,”  five multi-genre, dark fiction short stories and twelve macabre poems.

Lisa describes herself as  “a voice for the sad and lost, isolated and abandoned, desperate and different”…” (Lisa) relates to the odd, macabre, and funereal.” You might be afraid that these tales are extreme. To be honest, I thought yeah, I know people like this. People who are willing to sacrifice even their loved ones so their lives play out according to their own agendas.

Lisa uses irony to repeat the same themes throughout: governments and the general population, as well as individuals within families, are in constant power plays for control; people cannot be trusted; what goes around comes around; the world is filled with shape- shifters, liars, manipulators; nothing is as it seems; always be suspicious to protect yourself and your loved ones; many people have horrible dark souls that even those closest to them are unaware.

I was reminded of Edgar Allan Poe. Remember how his characters deceived their victims, setting them up for “the kill”  with elaborate plans and smiles on their faces? Yes, it’s all the rage to be positive and apply Law of Attraction principles, but yet…

I especially enjoyed The Oddities , The Clearing , Dinner With Myles, and the Graveyard poem. Life has a way of sneaking up on you even when you’re looking.

Literary Titan Review


All Roads Shattered by Lisa Meyer is the third book in the All Roads collection. This collection of dark fiction stories and poems begins with The Outposts III, which satisfyingly continues with the story of Georgia and Mitchell who we have been following through both books one and two. As we left them in book two to come to terms with their new life together, in this collection, Lisa picks up with the journey the two still must endure.

Then there is a three-part story in the form of People of Gods, a haunting selection of 12 pieces of poetry in the section titled Fragments, two further extended stories in the section The Enduring and finally, to end the collection, three small but perfectly formed short and simple stories which pack a huge punch in the section of The Oddities!

The Oddities features three ‘out there’ stories with Preacher, Crooks, and Helge. In a word, wow is what springs to mind when reading through each of them!

With Preacher, I never saw it coming at all, but the conclusion was oh so satisfying! Crooks was a great concept and equally mesmerizing. However, Helge had to be the most disturbing story of them all! I had, in fact, become so captivated by the last three stories that I wasn’t expecting the book to end when it did.

Helge produced some near awful visions in my mind as I read through, think Jack the Ripper style, back streets of grey and misty London; enough to give you nightmares. Yet, it was a tremendous and thoroughly satisfying end to a superb collection.

Having read both the first and second books in the collection, a part of me would have thought that perhaps by now Lisa may have run out of steam. After all, All Roads Home and All Roads Destined were for me, both 5 star reads. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

When you have read all three books, you may begin to feel that Lisa has a stronger connection to the futuristic sci-fi genre. This is perhaps because it is always the more extensive of stores and at the very beginning of each collection, with a continuation throughout the three.

However, in All Roads Shattered, the story I found the most compelling and atmospheric was Dinner with Myles. This was a story which I didn’t want to leave and could easily imagine Lisa writing a book based on this genre; such was it handled so well.

The ending to this story was, yet again, superbly accomplished by Lisa, as all her short stories have been throughout. However, I would still love for her to write a prequel to this one! Neil and Myles are wonderfully drawn, and complex characters and I could very well imagine them as partners working on crimes and investigating mysteries!

The great thing about reading Lisa Meyer’s collections is that each one gets better as you go along. That is particularly hard to achieve for many writers of such collections, but the All Roads Shattered collection is perhaps the most extensive and best written one yet.

It almost feels as though Lisa’s confidence has grown with each outing and this is therefore reflected in the intensity and broader scope of her writing. Her stories seem to expand and take on a deeper meaning in their unique genres in this collection, and I believe her writing style almost borders along the lines of perfection this time.

If you only manage to read one story, then Dinner with Myles should be that one. I can guarantee you that once you’ve sampled this nearly perfect piece of prose, you will feel compelled to read on.

5 out of 5 Stars


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